Question) What is DMSO?

Answer) DMSO is short for Dimethyl Sulfoxide,  DMSO is made from wood pulp that has been refined into organic Dimethyl Sulfoxide that’s 99.9% pure. As a DMSO supplier, we carefully select, process, and distribute DMSO products to many suppliers and individuals from all parts of the globe.

Question) The DMSO I got is in solid form. How do I dilute it?

Answer) All you have to do is to place your container of DMSO in a bowl of warm water and leave it there for a few minutes until the solution turns to liquid.

Q) At what temperature does DMSO solidify?

Answer) It solidifies when placed in temperatures below freezing/melting point: 18.4 degree C

Question) How can I make an order and can I pay through phone?

Answer) You can pay through several methods including credit card, Bacs, and Cheque and yes, you can also pay over the phone. Please place your order and follow the steps provided.